Brightening Skin Scrub

Brightening SKIN SCRUB For Face and Body Orange & Ylang Ylang Net Weight 4oz/120g Suitable for Combination Skin or Normal Skin
Product Category Exfoliants/Masks
Brand RAW Beauty
Direction For best results, use after bathing or washing your face with one of our Skin Soaps. Whilst skin is still wet, scoop up some scrub with a spatula. Place unto wet hands and activate by rubbing with both palms. Rub unto the skin and exfoliate in circular movements until the sugar has dissolved. Leave on for one minute. Rinse off and moisturise accordingly. Best used at Night Time.
Manufacturer RAW Foods and Beauty Resources Ltd
Location Ruqayya House. No.1 Maiduguri Road, P.O.Box 760, Kano State, Nigeria
Storage Instruction Keep in a cool dry place
Product Barcode 6156000274461
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