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GS1 Complaint Products

BarCode: 6156000341897
Product Description
DIAROX ANTI-DIARRHOEA Formula Veterinarian Grade Solution with Pectin and Kaolin Fast treatment of diarrhoea in puppies and dogs Soothing relief from upset stomach Fast absorbent action relieves gastric irritation, discomfort and cramping Pet friendly taste 200 ml Indication: Diarox antidiarrhoea suspension with powerful active ingredients effectively relieves diarrhoea or loose stool in dogs and other livestock in short time. The preparation provides protective coating for the digestive lining and binds bacterial toxins, alleviates gastric irritation, discomfort and cramps associated with diarrhoea. Vitamin addition provides a safe and balanced formula that promotes quick gastric mucosa recovery/healing to restore normal functions in villi damaging conditions. Recommended for diarrhoea of any aetiology in domestic animals.
BarCode: 6156000341880
Product Description
Pets’ Vigor-Vit enriched high quality and palatable nutritional tonic is a blend of amino acids, vitamins and mineral specially formulated to treat and prevent deficiencies in pets, support growth, boost immunity in young pets and stimulate appetite in anorexic ones . It excels in the control of stress induced by transportation, pregnancy, vaccination, surgery in dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Highly recommended for fast recovery from disease, skin and coat care; and suitable for pups, cats, nursing or pregnant bitches. Indicated for use in pets to promote growth rate, stimulate appetite in anorexic and anaemia in debilitated patients, all phases of pregnancy, optimum growth and development in pups and kittens, convalescence, boost immunity/improve vaccinal response and post operative care.
BarCode: 6156000341965
Product Description
100% organic Calcium supplement fortified with vitamins for home cooked food