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GS1 Complaint Products

BarCode: 6156000311258
Product Description
Soothe Feminine Soak 120g
BarCode: 6156000311241
Product Description
Nectar Feminine Cleanser 100ml x 10
BarCode: 6156000311234
Product Description
Tielle Boric Insert 30g x 20
BarCode: 6156000311227
Product Description
Tielle Intimates Soothe is ideal for the routine care of your intimates needed to get you through your day and night. It promotes healthy vulva skin, increases moisture and lubrications, combats effects of irritation, vaginal itch and discomfort around the vulva. With Soothe you feel fresh, clean and balanced while protecting yourself from infection.
BarCode: 6156000311210
Product Description
Tielle Intimates Insert is a highly addictive vaginal suppository, that eliminates bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections while maintaining a balanced pH. It leaves you fresh, clean and balanced.
BarCode: 6156000311203
Product Description
Nectar is an organic feminine wash. It is a highly addictive botanical foaming wash that is sulphate-free and specially formulated for your most delicate parts. Nectar will gently wash away dirt, odor, prevent bacterial/yeast overgrowth and balance your pH. Nectar leaves you fresh, clean and balanced